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An Award Winning Integrated Digital Automated Platform

About us


      Who we are

      At MyPad® Now , we automate the way the events are conducted in an organized, professional and efficient way. Hence, we have created this collaborative system to conduct events like Conferences, Call for papers (Paper Submissions), Seminars, Symposiums, Workshop, Exhibition, etc with the latest of what Technology can offer.  With MyPad® Now , Academic  and Professional events are made easy!


      What we want to do?

      MyPad® Now wants to bring  Academic Conference Organizers, Managers,  Attendees, Guests , Speakers , Authors, Delegates in a single digitalized platform where all the stakeholders are benefitted mutually.


      How we want to do it?

      Well, you know it! – It’s just MyPad® Now


      MyPad® Now Core Values

      Quality:  Quantity doesn’t interest us at all, but quality does. Be it design, usability, content or any application, we strive to have quality in everything we lay our hands on.

      Partnership:  We firmly believe in team work and collaboration. Our collaboration extends beyond the office walls to reach you. We and you together is how we march ahead.

      Commitment:  If we say yes, it remains so. We are committed to provide excellent service to all our stakeholders, academicians, partners, employees , Sponsors and affiliates.